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Who are we?

TianHe culture center located in DongYue temple (AKA Beijing Folklore Museum) is a platform for cultural communication.


Recent events

International Children’s Painting Event in September

On September 17th, International Children’s Painting Event “Victory, thus won’t forget” was held in Dongyue temple. It’s a pleasure to welcome children from many countries to draw their image of WW2. Forgiveness, happiness and hope for a bright future were well present in their paintings. Besides we had honor to meet several officials and journalists.

Russian students kung-fu show

We had honor to welcome some Russian students to practice Chinese kung-fu in Dongyue temple. After learning kung-fu many years, they impressed all of us with their good technique and passion towards Chinese culture. 2017.08.05

Chinese calligraphy

Learning basic Chinese characters by using ink brushes, learning to well use the brushes and the ink, grasping the structure and stroke oder of Chinese characters and comprehending their beauty. Learning calligraphy will help you to better understand the eastern esthetics, improving our breath patterns for the purpose of body’s and mind’s relaxation. (4-12 courses, 90 …

Where are we?

Our teaching centers are located in an old Buddhist temple and a Taoist temple built hundreds of years ago. We can sit there quietly communicating with each other, away from the steel structures and the noise of the modern city.

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We provide interesting courses.

TianHe traditional cultural center provides a wide array of cultural experience courses, with better organizations and pleasant natural surroundings.